49er and Raiders Trade

Discussion in 'Trade Commitee' started by iexploitd, Dec 20, 2017.

  1. iexploitd

    iexploitd All-Pro Chompions

    49er's send : 2019 2nd Round 8th pick (40th overall)
    2019 3rd Round 2nd pick
    2019 3rd Round 8th pick
    2020 2nd Round (projected) 7th pick
    2020 4th Round Pick

    Raiders send : 2019 1st Round 14th Overall Pick
  2. Juke

    Juke Administrator Staff Member Media Committee Trade Committee Competition Committee Chompions

    This doesn't go here and what is the points value of the trades
  3. iexploitd

    iexploitd All-Pro Chompions

    my bad.. got it corrected.
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