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    Name: Ness
    Age: 32
    Gamertag: IamENess
    Time Zone: EST
    General availability for user vs user games:
    How did you hear about Sim Association?: Just perusing and came across the league.

    1. Why are you interested in joining Sim Association? Organized, realistic, competitive league with rules and leadership.
    2. What is your experience with online sim leagues? Some
    3. What are your offensive and defensive philosophies? Build inside out.
    4. Do you have any irregularities or conflicts in your day-to-day schedule that would make it difficult to consistently schedule and play 3 games of madden per week? None
    5. What is the longest (number of seasons) that you've played a franchise/dynasty mode, online or offline? 8 seasons
    6. Tell us a little more about yourself. This is more than a place to play video games, this is a community: Silent G like cognac...
    7. What do you hope to get out of being a member at SA? Fun fullfilling league with good dudes and no crybabies...
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