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  1. HeathH

    HeathH Pro Bowler

    Name: Heath Howard
    Age: 35
    Gamertag: HEATHH
    Time Zone: EST
    General availability for user vs user games: Mostly weekdays after 6pm est until 11pm est. Weekends are anytime.
    How did you hear about Sim Association?: I was a member last season. But due to a divorce I had to leave.

    1. Why are you interested in joining Sim Association? Because, you guys are great!
    2. What is your experience with online sim leagues? Played at least 8 yrs online sim leagues
    3. What are your offensive and defensive philosophies? Balanced offense, 4-3 Defense
    4. Do you have any irregularities or conflicts in your day-to-day schedule that would make it difficult to consistently schedule and play 3 games of madden per week? I do have a new job that requires me to travel. But mostly gone only one night. Should not be too difficult.
    5. What is the longest (number of seasons) that you've played a franchise/dynasty mode, online or offline? As best as I can remember I was apart of a league that played 7 seasons each release.
    6. Tell us a little more about yourself. This is more than a place to play video games, this is a community: I am Divorced. I have a 8 yr son that is my life! I have recently bought a new house, I have a New GF that is awesome! I have a new job selling tow trucks. Life has been so good to me.
    7. What do you hope to get out of being a member at SA? Friends. Friends who enjoy the same type of escape I like to use from the real world for a hour or so.
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