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    Position Change Rules

    Positions with stars by them have additional rules at the bottom

    QB --> Cannot be changed
    HB --> WR*, FB*, QB*
    FB --> HB, TE
    WR --> RB*, TE*
    OL --> No restrictions
    DL --> Any DL spot, OLB
    OLB --> DE*, MLB
    MLB --> OLB, DE
    CB --> FS, SS
    FS --> CB, SS, LB*
    SS --> CB, FS, LB*

    HB to FB - HB must be 215+ pounds
    HB to WR - HB catching must be above 75
    HB to QB - HB Throw Power must be 80+

    WR to HB - 6'1 or smaller
    WR to TE - 6'0 or taller, 245+ lbs

    OLB to DE - Must weigh more then 240 lbs

    FS to LB - Must be 215+ lbs
    SS to LB - Must be 215+ lbs
    Any and all violations of these rules will result in disciplinary action up to and including removal from the Sim Association entirely.
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