Season 1 Divisional Round

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  1. Spayer419

    Spayer419 Administrator Staff Member Media Committee Trade Committee Competition Committee Chompions

    Every Game scheduled will need to be posted here, but you may also use other avenues like texting, FB, Twitter or any other way of contact. Designated players with a :Twitch: symbol next to their name will need to stream the game from their twitch account. Any game that is not streamed will be subject to simmed to loss for player that did not stream, regardless of outcome. To balance out the load the other player should host the game if you both don't have great internet this works


    Advancing to Wildcard Round: Wednesday 10/17 @ 6 AM CST

    :BlackHole: @iexploitd :Twitch: at :MusicCity: @ChandlerW
    :MIA: @Antonio T. :Twitch: at :SteelCity: @Michael Martin
    :DTown: @abombish39 :Twitch: at :BrotherlyLove: @Dap
    :Minn: @John Fichera :Twitch: at :BigEasy: @Dakota7
  2. ChandlerW

    ChandlerW All-Decade Chompions

    @iexploitd I'll be free tomorrow after 630pm CST and Tuesday I'll be around all day. Let me know what works for you
  3. Dakota7

    Dakota7 All-Decade Media Committee Trade Committee Competition Committee Chompions

    Vikings Saints will be kicking off at 930am central Monday morning.

    @John Fichera
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  4. Michael Martin

    Michael Martin All-Pro Chompions

  5. ChandlerW

    ChandlerW All-Decade Chompions

    AFC Divisional Round Titans vs Raiders tonight around 930est/830cst @iexploitd
  6. Antonio T.

    Antonio T. PSN: altony2179 Chompions

    Anytime after 5pm EST today. Tuesday is a no-go, won't be able to play then. Just text me when you ready to play tonight.
  7. abombish39

    abombish39 All-Decade Chompions

    @Dap #3. What’s your schedule tomorrow. I am working till 11pm tonight and tomorrow
  8. Dap

    Dap All-Pro Chompions

  9. abombish39

    abombish39 All-Decade Chompions

    Want to run tomorrow after I get off work? I am off at 3pm est
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  10. Dap

    Dap All-Pro Chompions

    That will work
  11. abombish39

    abombish39 All-Decade Chompions

    Cool I will hit you up when I get home
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  12. Dap

    Dap All-Pro Chompions

  13. Dakota7

    Dakota7 All-Decade Media Committee Trade Committee Competition Committee Chompions

    If the winner is available, I can play tonight around 9-930 central
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  14. abombish39

    abombish39 All-Decade Chompions

    I am trying to get out of work here soon. Working in a report
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  15. abombish39

    abombish39 All-Decade Chompions

    Hey bro I am good to go if you are


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