Season 1 PS Week 1

Discussion in 'Pre-Season' started by Blackhawk375, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. Dap

    Dap All-Pro Chompions

  2. ColeD_87

    ColeD_87 All-Pro Chompions

    @stryper you playing our preseason game today?
  3. stryper

    stryper All-Pro Chompions

    @ColeD_87 Sorry, I will not he able to today.

    MICHAEL PLUTH All-Decade Media Committee Trade Committee Chompions

  5. ColeD_87

    ColeD_87 All-Pro Chompions

  6. stryper

    stryper All-Pro Chompions

    @ColeD_87 Will be available tomorrow from 10am-730 pm eastern.
  7. Xxclaywilliamxx

    Xxclaywilliamxx All-Pro Chompions

    @John Fichera hey man let me know if you have some time later tonight. Here's my number 5857755443
  8. John Fichera

    John Fichera All-Pro Chompions

    I cannot ball tonight. Tomorrow night I will be around though.
    Friday, I'll be headed out back to Mass for a day to take care of my mother.
  9. ColeD_87

    ColeD_87 All-Pro Chompions

    Sounds good
  10. ColeD_87

    ColeD_87 All-Pro Chompions

    @stryper can we shoot for 10:15? I should be getting home for my break between classes a few before then
  11. stryper

    stryper All-Pro Chompions

  12. ColeD_87

    ColeD_87 All-Pro Chompions

    @stryper Yea all eastern. I can do it then in between my classes or after 2:15
  13. stryper

    stryper All-Pro Chompions

  14. ColeD_87

    ColeD_87 All-Pro Chompions

  15. ColeD_87

    ColeD_87 All-Pro Chompions

    The game shouldnt go more than 90 mins right?
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  16. Dakota7

    Dakota7 All-Decade Media Committee Trade Committee Competition Committee Chompions

    Usually about an hour
  17. John Fichera

    John Fichera All-Pro Chompions

  18. Imperfect611

    Imperfect611 All-Decade Media Committee Competition Committee Chompions

    @ChandlerW hey man welcome back did you want to run this one?
  19. ChandlerW

    ChandlerW All-Decade Chompions

    Got some stuff going on with school this week. Go ahead and play it whenever. I still haven't joined the league yet but I'll try and work my way to it this weekend.
  20. BlackPaw

    BlackPaw King Leo Trade Committee Chompions

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