Season 3 Playbook Declarations

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  1. Spayer419

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    Each season you are required to choose one offensive and defensive playbook before you play your Week 1 game of the regular season, and you cannot deviate from that playbook at all throughout the season. You are required to choose a specific team's playbook (such as Seattle offense, Buffalo defense) and are not allowed to use generic playbooks (such as pistol, spread, or 3-4 base). You must also commit to a defensive scheme (4-3, 3-4 or Hybrid).

    Additionally, the competition committee has agreed that all "Gun Monster" formation are not allowed to be used at all in Sim Association, as they are glitchy and the inside zone play is completely overpowered. These formations are present in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Baltimore and Tennessee's playbooks. You're of course permitted to choose any of these playbooks, but if you do, be cautioned to stay away from the outlawed formation.

    Example of Playbook/Scheme Declaration:
    Cleveland Browns :TheLand:
    Offense: :MusicCity: Titans
    Defense: :12's: Seahawks
    Scheme: 4-3
  2. Imperfect611

    Imperfect611 All-Decade Media Committee Competition Committee Chompions

    New York Jets :GangGreen:
    Offense: :DirtyBird: Falcons
    Defense: :Cinci: Bengals
    Scheme: 4-3
  3. Juke

    Juke Administrator Staff Member Media Committee Trade Committee Competition Committee Chompions

    :Patriots: NE PATRIOTS:Patriots:
    Offense: :MotorCity: Detroit
    Defense::Patriots: Patriots
    Scheme: Hybrid
  4. BlackPaw

    BlackPaw King Leo Trade Committee Chompions

    Detroit Lions :MotorCity:
    Defense: :TheRedSea:
  5. Blackhawk375

    Blackhawk375 Moderator Media Committee Competition Committee Chompions

    :Indy: Indianapolis Colts
    Offense: :SteelCity:
    Defense: :BlackHole:
  6. Neal Mason

    Neal Mason All-Pro Chompions

    Scheme..... 3-4 attacking
  7. abombish39

    abombish39 All-Decade Chompions

    Offense - Atlanta
    Defense - NE
    Scheme - Hybird
  8. John Fichera

    John Fichera All-Pro Chompions

    O-Minn but thinking
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  9. mr_2teamz

    mr_2teamz All-Pro Chompions

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  10. Tigers20

    Tigers20 Pro Bowler Chompions

    Carolina Panthers :Panthers:
    Offense - Saints :BigEasy:
    Defense - Panthers :Panthers:

    Scheme - Attacking 4-3

    MICHAEL PLUTH All-Decade Media Committee Trade Committee Chompions

    Los Angeles Chargers:SD:
    Off - New Orleans:BigEasy:
    Def - Cincinnati :Cinci:

    Attacking 4-3
  12. Dakota7

    Dakota7 All-Decade Media Committee Trade Committee Competition Committee Chompions

    New Orleans Saints :BigEasy:

    Offense -- Arizona /Balanced
    Defense -- Baltimore/ Attacking 34
  13. Antonio T.

    Antonio T. PSN: altony2179 Chompions

    Miami Dolphins :MIA:
    Offense: Green Bay :GB:
    Defense: Miami :MIA:
    Scheme : 4-3
  14. Jay Twizzle

    Jay Twizzle Pro Bowler Chompions

    Chicago Bears

    Offense: Arizona
    Defense: Denver, 3-4
  15. Joshua Keating

    Joshua Keating All-Pro Chompions

    Off Min
    Def Min
  16. ChandlerW

    ChandlerW All-Decade Chompions

    Tennessee Titans
    OFF: GB :GB:
    DEF: MIN :Minn:
  17. Studley021

    Studley021 Moderator Trade Committee Competition Committee Chompions

    Atlanta Falcons :DirtyBird:
    Offense: :DirtyBird: Falcons
    Defense::DirtyBird: Falcons
    Scheme: 4-3
  18. The Phenomenal One

    The Phenomenal One All-Pro Chompions

    The Kansas City Chiefs

    O. Playbook: Oakland / Balanced Offense
    D. Playbook: Oakland / 4-3
  19. Ataric

    Ataric All-Pro Chompions

    OFF - NO
    DEF - WAS
    Scheme - Attacking 3-4
  20. iexploitd

    iexploitd All-Pro Chompions


    Defense: :BlackHole:
    Scheme: Hybrid

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