Season 6 week 7

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    Every Game scheduled will need to be posted here, but you may also use other avenues like texting, FB, Twitter or any other way of contact. Designated players with a :Twitch: symbol next to their name will need to stream the game from their twitch account. Any game that is not streamed will be subject to simmed to loss for player that did not stream, regardless of outcome. To balance out the load the other player should host the game if you both don't have great internet this works


    Advance to Week 7: Wednesday 6/28 @ 8 PM CST
    Advance to Week 8: Saturday 7/1 @ 8 AM CST

    :SteelCity: @mr_2teamz at :Cinci: @TheShamelessProphet :Twitch:
    :TheRedSea: @dakota7 :Twitch: at :Patriots: @DukeJukem
    :MileHigh: @abombish39 :Twitch: at :Nevermore: @Neal Mason
    :LA: CPU at :Minn: @MICHAEL PLUTH :Twitch:
    :GangGreen: CPU at :BigEasy: CPU
    :Cards: @The Phenomenal One :Twitch: at :Giants: CPU
    :MotorCity: CPU at :DaBears: CPU
    :DirtyBird: @Studley021 :Twitch: at :TBay: CPU
    :BlackHole: CPU at :BrotherlyLove: CPU
    :12's: @IVIonteith :Twitch: at :SF: CPU
    :MIA: CPU at :HOU: CPU
    :Bills: @Xxclaywilliamxx :Twitch: at :MusicCity: @Dap
    :Redskins: @BlackPaw :Twitch: at :Panthers: @Tigers20
    :TheLand: CPU at :JAX: @iexploitd :Twitch:

    :HomeOfTheFree::GoodellSucks:PSA:If you start your game any later than an hour and 15 minutes before advance you run the risk of having it simmed.:GoodellSucks::HomeOfTheFree:
  2. abombish39

    abombish39 All-Decade Chompions

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  3. Neal Mason

    Neal Mason All-Pro Chompions

    I'm free now. Tomorrow up with until noon then after ten.
  4. abombish39

    abombish39 All-Decade Chompions

    Tomorrow after 10 works for me.
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  5. Neal Mason

    Neal Mason All-Pro Chompions

    See u then
  6. Dap

    Dap All-Pro Chompions

  7. Xxclaywilliamxx

    Xxclaywilliamxx All-Pro Chompions

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  8. abombish39

    abombish39 All-Decade Chompions

    Hey bro I am good to go when you are

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