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  1. Glen Cieske

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    --------|SIM PLAY GUIDELINES|-------


    The term "sim" is thrown around quite often in sports gaming communities. Each person may have a different view of what sim means. Here at Sim Association and Chompions League, we define SIM as:

    "Playing in a way that does not take advantage of the CPU AI, which includes using plays that the CPU AI is unable to defend."

    On top of that we also consider SIM to be a replication of what NFL teams do on Sundays (and Mondays and Thursdays). This includes the mixing of plays used during any game. For example a user should not be using the same play out of the same formation more then twice. This is very true for pass plays were as run plays have some wiggle room. You will see that the most used routes are used in a multitude of ways in a playbook.


    As of right now, the begining of the M18 cycle, we will not have any route restrictions.
    The only rule on offense is that you CAN NOT use the same pass play twice in one half (Formation + Pass Play).

    That being said if you want to run a Flood Concept 10 times in a game you could, as long as you run it out of 10 different formations.


    Every teams leading receiver should not amasse more then 35% of their teams total completions. This past season IRL the catch leaders in the NFL barely went over 30% of their teams completions.

    3 Strike system;
    1. Warning

    2. Suspension
    3. Removal

    Excessive or unfair use of run bouncing is now considered against the rules of our league.

    Excessive or Unfair Use:

    A. Frequently using this tactic throughout the game.
    B. Using this tactic as a "money play" to survive clutch situations (4th and goal or an important 3rd down.)

    Run Bouncing:

    Anytime a player purposefully runs outside on an designed inside run play with the intention of manipulating Madden's AI by abusing speed. You are allowed to bounce a run if the defense fills the hole you are attempting to run in to.

    You must share carries between your lead back and your back up. They must have a 80/20 carry split. At this time this will not include QBs.

    **The only execption to this is if your #1 RB is an overall 90 or higher, he is allowed to have up to 90% of the RB carries**

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  2. Glen Cieske

    Glen Cieske Administrator Staff Member Media Committee Trade Committee Competition Committee Chompions


    On Defense every owner will be required to select their Base Defensive Front:



    A nano blitz is when a playcall is adjusted in a way that tricks the CPU AI into not blocking a defender. That defender then will appear to have a speed boost when coming in at the QB.


    Teams must limit their blitzing to less then 40% of plays. A Blitz is any time that a team brings more then 4 players on a pass rush. A team can not blitz less then 15% of the time.

    If you have any questions or concerns send me a PM, I will try to give you the best explanation possible to help. If a lot of people are asking the same question I will create a separate post to cover it.
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    Glen Cieske Administrator Staff Member Media Committee Trade Committee Competition Committee Chompions

    Chew Clock

    Chew clock can only be used by a user in the 4th quarter when winning and under 2 minutes remaining in the game.

    In the event of a blow out and both users agree, chew clock can be turned on.


    Playaction cannot be used when a user is in a 3rd or 4th and 6 or more yards.

    FB Dive & QB Sneaks
    FB dive will be limited to 2 per game. You can only use it when you have less then 2 yards to gain for a TD or 1st down. FB Dive will be banned for use on 2pt conversions.

    QB sneak can only be used in situations where there is less then 2 yards to gain.


    Goalline formations can only be used in 4th and less then a yard situations or when inside the 10 yard line.

    4th down attempts

    A team can go for it on 4th down at any point in the 3rd quarter when trailing by 21+ points or at any point in the 4th if trailing.

    A user is allowed to go for it on 4th if they are in opponents territory and they are on the outskirts of their kickers range.

    FYI a 50 yard FG means the ball would be on the 33 yard line.

    Defensive movement

    Users can only move one player pre-snap. The user cannot move the player out of their normal playing space.

    For Example - A MLB back to a safety position or a MLB to the edge if its not in the play design.

    Defensive Control

    Users must rotate who they use on defense; a user is required to control a player from each level of the defense during the course of a game.

    The 3 levels of defense are DEF Line - Linebackers and DBs

    **A user can choose to not use the Defensive Line and only use LB/S**


    There will not be a rule for running fake FGs or Punts at this time.


    Every user is required to mix up their play-calling. No one should be calling the same pass play from the same formation more then twice per game. There will always be exceptions to that, but if you are using the same formation and the same concept over and over, we will have an issue. When calling run plays it is more likely you will run the same play out of the same formation more then twice. But if you are consistently using the same play and same formation, again, there will be a problem.

    Bottom line is be creative and use your whole playbook, everything will fall into place from there.

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