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    We want users to have fun even with less than stellar teams. Because of that, you are encouraged to upgrade your stadium or look into building a new stadium. We will also allow users to relocate. Below are the processes for upgrading, building and relocating:

    Stadium Upgrades

    Users may apply upgrades to their stadium at any time.

    Building a new stadium

    Building a new stadium will require the approval during the leagues ownership meeting. Generally, we will want to see a realistic reason for needing a new stadium and proof that the new stadium is financially feasible. To request approval for a new stadium, post a thread under the ownership meeting. Include the following:

    Available Funds:
    Age of current stadium:
    You will also need to make your case for why this is a feasible option for your team. The restrictions will not be as tight as for those wanting to relocate, but we also want to make sure you are preparing your team for long-term success. You will be required to get 75% of the present vote in order to pass.​

    NOTE: First-year owners will not be able to build a stadium during season one.

    Team relocation

    Relocation of a team requires approval by ¾ of the league owners. Voting on Team relocation will take place during the offseason owners meeting. Owners interested in relocating their team must create a thread (with a poll) and include the following:

    Current Team:
    Fan Happiness:
    Team Success Rank:
    Team Popularity:
    Market Size:
    Available Funds:
    Age of current stadium:
    Relocation market size:
    Relocation personality:
    Relocation fan interest:
    You must also plead your case as to why your team should be allowed to move. Remember, you are selling this to the other owners. Most owners are going to be traditionalists and not want to see a team relocate. You will need to present a compelling argument for your case if you expect to receive approval.

    **Owners must be approved to build a new stadium or relocate before initiating the process in game. Failure to do so will result in a penalty up to and including termination from the league.**

    NOTE: First-year owners are not allowed to relocate your team. Relocation may only be done by established league veterans. This protects a franchise from being moved and abandoned.

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