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    This is a place where your creativity can come to life with your players. Put yourself in the shoes of your favorite players on your team and write a piece from their perspective. Maybe it was a huge win, or loss for that matter. Maybe they had a sudden rise to fame, or are getting older and are pleading for one more opportunity with a team in the twilight of their careers. This is where you can express that here. #TPT #GetCreative
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    First things first... I want to thank everybody in the Cincinnati organization, the fans and my teammates. Thank you all forgiving me a second chance in the league after my actions in Nashville were not smart.


    Now I am grateful that the Chicago Bears have decided to keep giving me an opportunity to play the game I love. I will do what I can to contribute to this team and help build this secondary to where I know it can be. We have some good young guys that still have room to grow, but have showed promise here in the league.

    Thank you everybody in Cincinnati once again. I look forward to this new chapter in my life. Bear Down!
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    Today I wake up and I couldn't be more happier. I will continue my career as a member of the Chicago Bears and I couldn't be more ecstatic. Ever since I was drafted by the Bears I knew I wanted to be here the rest of my life. We are on the right path as we are going through a rebuild; however, we still are going to go out there and lay it all on the line day in and day out, and try and secure a win for this amazing fan base.



    It wasn't until I saw my brother (Chris Long) playing until I decided I wanted to play football. For awhile I didn't think I was tough enough to play the game. Even dad (Former Raiders Hall of Famer Defensive End Howie Long) didn't want me to play when I was young when I was trying to make friends. Dad just wanted Chris and I to take some kind of hobby. I played guitar for awhile and then I decided I wanted to play football. Dad even said "You know football isn't for everyone Kyle..." I think I have proven him wrong some, I love the game and I can't wait to see what the future holds.

    I’ve known since Day 1 that I wanted to be a Chicago Bear for life and get an opportunity to play for the best franchise in football in the best city in America. When the talk started about it, I said, ‘Look, I don’t want to be a part of the talks, but what I do want you guys to understand is that I want to be here forever and get it done,’ so that’s what they did.

    I will be a Bear for life and look forward to bringing the Lombardi Trophy to Chicago! BearDown!

    Kyle Long signed a contract extension in real life so some of the information comes from his actual press conference.
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    Dear Tom,
    Contributor: Jimmy Garoppolo

    Dear Tom,

    I've had the pleasure of watching and learning from you over the past 3 years, and now that you'll still be in the building makes me even more optimistic of what's to come. I know that you will still hold everyone accountable on the team, as you help mold and build it with BB. You're the greatest of all time, and I'd be lucky to have half the success in this position that you've had. Know that the team will be safe in my hands on the field and that I will do my best to follow in your footsteps. You showed compassion to me even though you knew I was there to potentially take your job; you still took the time to teach me and prepare me for what's to come. I can't thank you enough for the lessons you've taught me both on and off the field.

    Your friend and teammate,
    Jimmy G.
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  5. Spayer419

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    Embrace the Moment
    Tanner Cushing / Quarterback, Cowboys

    “Your shoulder is torn.”

    Four words was all it took to end my rookie season. The pain I felt when I went down in a Week 15 contest against the Chargers was agonizing. But nothing compared to learning that I wouldn’t be able to lead my team into the playoffs after a fluke injury ended our championship run before it could even begin.

    “With the fourth pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, the Dallas Cowboys select Tanner Cushing, Quarterback, Miami.”

    Remembering those words still sends chills down my spine. They came before my time, but my Dad loved to tell me stories of the early-90s Cowboys dynasty when I was a young kid. And as I grew, I would watch film of Troy Aikman, admiring his precision, and the overall talent possessed by America’s team.

    When the Cowboys called my name in the 2017 Draft, I couldn’t help but to think that we had the potential to repeat history, making the Big D home of the NFL’s big dynasty. The team already had the best offensive line in the NFL, and Ezekiel Elliott had just ran his way to the league’s MVP – despite being on a 2-14 team – behind it. Additionally, the organization had stacked the cupboards with draft picks. In the 2017 draft alone, the front office had two top-four picks, which were used on myself and Taukei Hodges, who was rightfully recognized last week as the NFL’s best defensive back.

    We felt during the 2017 season that we had a chance to go from worst-to-first and bring the Lombardi Trophy back to Dallas. After my injury the team hung on to finish 12-4 and win the division, but our offense sputtered in the Wildcard Round against San Francisco, and our season ended early than we felt it should have. And we had to watch the Redskins celebrate as champions for the second year in a row.

    Nonetheless, my rookie campaign felt like an amazing building block for the 2018 season. The front office once again nailed the draft, moving its draft capital around to select the best safety in the league in Duane Russell, the best receiver in the league in Adoree’ Merritt, and my pro-bowl right Tackle Frank Spruill. The signing of Jadeveon Clowney bolstered our defensive line. And I was healthy.

    Lo-and-behold we found ourselves in the Super Bowl that year, and I was playing the best football of my life. I had always dreamed about playing in the Super Bowl, and I hate to admit it, but the moment got to me. My nerves, and some untimely turnovers, led us into a 21-3 hole. I’m proud as hell of how we fought back, cutting the lead to 7 with a few minutes left. We had a chance at the end, but Paxton Lynch converted a third-and-13 by squeezing a pass through Malcolm Butler’s hands to keep the ball away from our offense. Sometimes I catch myself dreaming about what could have been if our offense had gotten the ball back there, and I awaken to the emptiest feeling. That Super Bowl is the biggest regret of my career.

    Last year all I thought about was having the opportunity for redemption. We once again won the division, but ran into a Saints team that featured a tenacious defense and the league’s MVP. Nonetheless we had the ball on their 2-yard-line, down by four, with four downs and over a minute to work with. On first down I through a quick slant to Adoree’ Merritt. Adoree’ simply cannot be pressed at the line of scrimmage, and went I saw it was single coverage I knew it was a touchdown. We had connected for 23 touchdowns in the regular season that year, and I couldn’t wait to celebrate what was to be a game-winning score.

    Adoree’ caught the ball, but was pulled from behind by the Saints’ defender, and after trying to break free he surprisingly dropped it in the end zone. I wasn’t concerned, we had another three tries. That was, until I saw the best receiver in football lying in the end zone in agony. He had to be helped off the field in a cart. We later learned he tore his shoulder on the play. I don’t think our guys ever recovered from that play mentally afterward. I certainly will never recover from the fact that we were unable to score on any of the next three plays.

    Some people will read this story and think that I’m making excuses. With what I feel is the most talented roster in the NFL, there really are not excuses to be made. This isn’t the story of why we haven’t won a ring. It’s simply a story of why we feel like we’ve been so close, and why we’re so driven going into the playoffs today.

    My career has been defined and driven by the words people have written and said about me. But all I care about is hearing one phrase.

    Tanner Cushing, Super Bowl Champion.
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    Undrafted to
    By: Paul Graves/ WR #84 NE Patriots

    It was the day after the draft and I was playing catch with my cousin Justin in my home nestled on the west side of Indy in the town of Plainfield, IN. My phone rings, it's a voice I would never fail to recognize. None other than the hooded one himself, Coach Bill Belichick. The conversation was short. All he said was they'd thought about taking me in the 6th but had traded the pick. He'd liked what he saw and heard about me while being a Longhorn in Texas. He said you're invited to camp and the team travel agent would call me shortly, then hung up. No bye, no welcome to the team. CLICK. I'll be honest I was a little doubtful I could make this team. Names immediately popped in my head like Larry Fitzgerald, Julian Edelman, and Danny Amendola.
    Justin looked at me and said who was that? I said it was Coach Belichick and I'm invited to camp. He said, I was going to wait till tonight to say this but I'm invited to Colts camp (He played TE while serving in the Army at Westpoint) We hugged said a quick prayer and thanked the lord that both of our prayers had been answered. Then headed in to tell the family. Best day of my life!
    I got to OTA's 2 days early. I hadn't been to MA since I was little so I wanted to settle in and get my mind right, and see the history of course. I showed up to the team dorms near Harvard Stadium. Checked in to see who my roommate was, and found out that it was none other than the guy I've built my game after since watching him at Texas Tech. Danny Amendola. Turns out he had been undrafted as well and BB thought it was a good idea for us to room together. I learned a lot from him throughout my first off-season in Boston. I also never unpacked any of my things. I sat waiting for the WR coach to come get me and release me every day I was there. Every night I watched his feet walk past my door and ruin some other poor soul's night/life. It never happened.
    I worked harder than I ever had in my life all the way throughout camp. It was hard, and anyone who says Tom Brady doesn't throw hard hasn't ever "had a game of catch" with hi. Let me tell you this dude stands 5 yards from you and fires it in there. After every 5 throws you take a giant step backward. I want to say thanks to Tom. Though the team had moved on after he retired they made him the Director of Player development after great success with his TB12 line. He and Julian and Danny are the reasons I made this team.
    Fast forward three years and two pro bowls later, I finally feel like I've cemented myself on this team. I can never let up and it showed this season. As you all know now I broke a record that as set by my idol Randy Moss, and in doing so earned WR of the Year.
    I still feel like this is the beginning. I'm only 25 years old, and with Dru's help I think we can take this young team to their 6th Superbowl victory. Time will tell. I wanted to tell this story for all of the kids out their that don't think they can do it, or someone is telling them they can't. You have to find the savage in you.

    "Be polite and professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet."
    - General James "Mad Dog" Mattis.
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    Contributions by: Keith Marshall and Su’a Cravens.

    “Fellas, my journey with you in this capacity has come to an end, I am retiring”. –Coach P.

    These words were delivered to us on the back end of a disappointing playoff loss. Like any other time, Coach P. would address the team, delivering his words that captured his thoughts about the game and what was next for the Team, yet this time his pace of words were off and his beat out of sync…

    You know right after I was drafted, Coach P came in, not many of us knew what to expect. People say the league is all business and what not,with the sudden change after the draft by Chief BlackPaw to bring Coach P. in; who also took-over after the draft, the team was suddenly entrenched in a lot of uncertainty. Me personally, being drafted in the 7th round, was a bit curious to see and hear what his plan was for the Team. I already had a tall task ahead of me by making the team; so my anxiety was thru the roof…

    OTA DAY 1… The team is gathered in film room as Coach P. holds his first meeting; meeting was at 0500…

    “I will say this once, No man is more important than The Team. No coach is more important than The Team. The Team, The Team, The Team, and if we think that way, all of us, everything that you do, you take into consideration what effect does it have on my Team? We will achieve all that we seek. We're gonna believe in each other, we're not gonna criticize each other, we're not gonna talk about each other, we're gonna encourage each other. We will be perfect in every aspect of the game. You drop a pass, you run a mile. You miss a blocking assignment, you run a mile. You fumble the football, and i will break my foot off in your John Brown hind parts and then you will run a mile, Perfection gentleman. Let's go to work.” –Coach P.

    Now I’m no movie buff but a lot of what he said sounded really familiar… Those words that day laid the foundation for our team and I embraced it. He inspires everyone to be greater than what they could imagine themselves. So I put my head down and grinded each and every day. Coach P rewarded my answer to his call, by offering me the opportunity to be the Starting Halfback. I showed gratitude. I went on to score 20 touchdowns my rookie season. A season I will never forget, Super Bowl Champs.

    Coach, can’t be replaced. He led us into the battle each and every game. Always first to arrive and last to leave, he exemplified what it was to be a professional. Like two1 said, that first season was remarkable. I too was a rook, head spinning from the process of being drafted, working out and what not. Yet Coach made it a point of truth, that all who give all for the TEAM will reap the glory. I came in from SC, home of legends, I knew of this glory and how hard it would be to obtain. I also knew, we had a lot of work to do, as we were short in a few areas, defense especially. I was a bit skeptical. Fast-Forward to opening week, I was all-in. The starting MLB, as a rook; from those to whom much is given much is required. We know how the year ended, Defensive Rookie of the Year and Super Bowl Champs.

    As a Team, we became savages and battled our way to the top. We work harder than every team in the league; we do two-a-days until the half-way point of the season. We believe in hard work and we know it’s never been defeated. Yes, even when you lose a game, your work was not defeated; it was your execution that allowed victory to escape you. There are many opportunities presented when you suffer a loss, another Coach P statement of truth… That’s what Coach has instilled in each one of us, truths we can apply in every aspect of life. We have accomplished so much as a Team these past five seasons: 3 Super Bowls, 2 Division titles… Our Team has become a family, so it’s going to be tough ya know… It’s a shock to the system… Knowing he won’t be here with us anymore but we are family, neither time nor distance will take that away. We shall forever HAIL Coach P.

    P.S. Chief BlackPaw wanted to share a few words as well…

    This is the joy of loving what you do and how you can impact others. Its a beautiful thing to embrace the belief that ones work is completed. We often overlook the need to take a moment and reflect upon what we have come to achieve. There is no true indicator of when it’s time to move on but you have to be willing to let go of the good to capture something great. We take this a step further in our family, we embrace the challenge of growth, and there is no reward for complacency. So it’s not Good bye to Coach P, it’s see you later… With that being said, I too will be stepping away from my role with the Redskins organization. I believe I have achieved my goals here and I believe in the individuals that I have worked with, that they will continue to carry on those fundamental principles we have instilled here at Redskins Park. I will use the rest of this summer to reflect and see what other challenges lay before me. Farewell to everyone and HTTR.


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