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    Do not be afraid to post any trade here. We are not here to crush your dreams. We just want to make sure that a couple things aren't happening. Here are the things that will not get a trade approved:

    1. The Trade committee, feels that one owner is trying to mass dump players off their roster.
    2. Are the owners involved in the trade making smart financial decisions with their teams.
    The trade committee is made up of the following members, and they should be tagged in every trade: Blackpaw, Dakota, Duke Jukem, Michael Pluth, Studley, Glen Cieske, and Spayer419.
    You will be able to tag: @Trade Committee

    Below you will find a few sample trade that actually took place last year. This is how every trade should be written out to the TC (Trade Committee) for approval. I have included 2 applicable examples. If it is not done in this way, your trade will be ignored until all the information has been brought forth.

    :Indy: Colts @Blackhawk375

    Cap Space: 32.6mil

    Cap Penalty: 0

    CB David Amerson / Age 29 / 83 Overall

    3 years remaining on contract
    penalty: 5.55mil

    Colts are looking to get back in the first round. With the acquisition of Slay in FA, it makes Amerson the odd man out.

    :Patriots: Patriots @DukeJukem

    Cap Space: 9.09mil
    Cap Penalty: 0

    2021 1st round pick #26

    Patriots feel they are a CB away from competing for the SB. With only one season left, they are all in and feel Amerson is a better fit and a guaranteed commodity than they could gamble and get in the draft.

    @Trade Committitee

    Sample Trade #2

    :Cards: AZ Cardinals @The Phenomenal One
    Send: HB David Johnson 88 OVR

    Reasoning: We plan to take a HB in the draft tonight. David doesn't fit in with what we are trying to do and we need to start fresh as we build throughout the season. Speed and Superstar development are what's being brought to the table by NE and we plan to utilize it.


    :Patriots: NE Patriots @DukeJukem
    Send: WR Kolby Listenbee OVR 81 / TE Charles Kendall OVR 80

    Reasoning: With FA additions Tyreke Hill and Tyler Eifert, both of these guys are expendable. We currently only have 2 RBs on the roster and this is a play maker we can't pass up.


    Any and all violations of these rules will result in disciplinary action up to and including removal from the Sim Association entirely.
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