Week Two Press Conference

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    Q: What is the extent of Russell Wilson's injury?
    Pete: Wilson made a heck of a play running for 25 yard on the play, as he made a cut to the outside his hamstring just gave out. He was evaluated by team doctors and we have been told that he will be out 5 to 6 weeks with a torn hamstring.

    Q: Will you sign another quarterback or make a trade to bring one in?
    Pete: Here in Seattle we believe our guys are prepared and ready. Will will evaluate both Boykin and Moore this week with the first team offense, however we have full confidence in both players.

    Q: That being said, will you start Boykin or Moore next week?
    Pete: We will continue to evaluate both players this week, however we will make the decision later this week. Again, I know both players will be ready to play, and I look forward to seeing them play with the first team offense.

    Q: You have failed to score a touchdown two week in to the season. What do you believe is the cause of the lack of offense?
    Pete: We just need to make the plays. We have been putting some very good drives together that have ended with making bad turnovers. As coaches we need to look at taking some pressure of our quarterback and get the running game going. I do believe our offensive struggles will turn around. We have a lot of new faces on offense and we will be looking at how we can make each player involved heading into Arizona.
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